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Cookie Cutter
 Malibu Gossip Reporter

Paula Abdul Pleads No Contest to Hit and Run Charge March 24, 2005 "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul was charged in Los Angeles court Thursday on one count of misdemeanor hit and run. Authorities say the alleged hit and run took place on an LA. freeway last

December. As "CJ" first reported, another driver claims Paula's Mercedes hit his car, then failed to stop. Sources say the driver of the other car took a picture with a camera-phone and the passenger, his wife, claims she identified Paula. Paula did not attend her arraignment but her attorneys pled no contest on her behalf. The judge issued a $300 dollar fine and a 24 month suspended sentence, which will eventually be expunged if she stays out of trouble. Paula also paid the alleged victim $775.

Kid Rock is not a fan of "American Idol." When asked how to fix the music industry, the grooming challenged rocker, who was arrested this week on assault charges, told the March issue of Playboy, “Sign talented people...Don’t go fish some [bleeping] kid out of a mall for some goddamned American Idol bull (bleep) show.”  . . .

Sources tell me Catherine Zeta-Jones
is very worried about the size of her “bum.” That’s her “behind” to Americans. 
Cookie: Catherine should be worried. Have you seen her butt lately?  She had kids you know!

It seems that Mariah Carey isn’t letting her old wedding dress gather dust. In her new video, “We Belong Together” the singer wears the Vera Wang gown that she wore in 1993 for her ill-fated marriage to her former boss, Tommy Mottola.
King of  What?

As his criminal trial draws near, Michael fears losing custody of Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II if he’s convicted, and having Janet adopt his children would potentially torpedo any custody claims by ex-wife Debbie Rowe, mother of Prince Michael and Paris.

An insider says Janet has already agreed to adopt the children. And the Michael Jackson saga  continues…
Stay tuned!

Baldwin Brothers Game

Can you tell the Baldwin brothers apart
without a scorecard?

Casting Call!
 'The ode'
Oscar winner Tom Hanks has landed the role  of the scholar turned sleuth Robert Langdon  in the movie adaptation of the best selling novel, "The Da Vinci Code." Oscar winner Tom Hanks has landed the role of the scholar turned sleuth Robert Langdon in the movie adaptation of the best selling novel, "The Da Vinci Code. "Production will begin on the movie next year.

Each opinionated report delivers your up-to-the minute dose of gossip from the sordid world of Entertainment.

Superstar Lawyer Johnnie Cochran Dies
Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.,
who became a legal superstar after helping clear
O.J. Simpson during a sensational murder trial in
which he uttered the famous quote "If it doesn't fit,
you must acquit," died Tuesday. He was 67.

Cochran died of a brain tumor at his home
in Los Angeles, his family said.  

Another One Bites The Dust!

Sheen Fights Call Girl Claims
Charlie Sheen's publicist is angrily
denying reports that the actor cheated
on his now-estranged wife
Denise Richards with a call girl last month.

Whitney Houston In Rehab Again.

The pop diva, who checked herself into a similar five-day program a year ago, entered an undisclosed centre for further treatment.


The judge's decision to allow jurors in Michael Jackson's child molestation trial to hear about prior similar allegations against "The King of Pop" may not be as devastating to the defense as some experts believe.

On Monday, Santa Barbara County, Calif., Superior Court Judge Rodney S. Melville ruled that prosecutors in Jackson's molestation trial can present testimony about allegations that the singer molested or behaved inappropriately with five other boys, including former child star Macaulay Culkin and two youngsters who reached multimillion-dollar settlements with the singer in the 1990s.

Jackson is on trial for allegedly molesting a now-15-year-old boy who spent time at his Neverland ranch and appeared with him in the 2003 British documentary "Living With Michael Jackson." The entertainer has pleaded not guilty to 10 charges that include felony conspiracy with 28 overt acts involving child abduction, false imprisonment and extortion.

Blake Says He Has Clear Conscience

Actor Robert Blake says he has a clear conscience after his acquittal on charges
he killed his wife, but he also has an empty bank account and owes a fortune in taxes.

Is George Ca bad neighbor?

Glooney had been revered by the residents of Laglio, a small village on the shore of Lake Como, where he bought himself a "get away villa" some years ago. But now that  Clooney is on the market to purchase what seems to be the only sunbathing beach in the town, some of the locals have turned against him!  “We’re not going to give him the beach,” one shopkeeper who used to praise Clooney fumed to the Calgary Herald. “Just because he’s rich and famous, doesn’t mean he has to get everything that he wants.” Some of his ex loving fans have expressed fears that Clooney will buy up the entire town.
Cookie: The saga continues... I will keep you posted!

  2004 Academy Awards

Comedian Chris Rock has the honor of emceeing the 77th Academy Awards® telecast.


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  Grammy  Awards
were announced Tuesday, January 25, by Academy President Frank Pierson and Oscar-winning actor and Academy member Adrien Brody.

Village Vanguard Celebrates 70th Year
47th GRAMMYs Roundup: General
47th GRAMMYs Roundup: Rock
47th GRAMMYs Roundup: Latin/World
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According to secret sources on the set of “Fun with Dick & Jane”  starring Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni. Insiders tell me carrey was clowning around with crew members between takes, demonstrating Taebo moves from the movie, and whirled around to throw his fist at one of the punching bags nearby--but the punching bag turned out to be  Tea Leoni, who was walking up to Jim just as he delivered a punch right on to Tea’s face. Let’s put it this way… Fist met face and Tea dropped like a stone--out cold! Carrey was horrified, calling for ice and shouting: "Call an ambulance!" Fortunately Tea revived quickly, but Jim kept applying cold compresses to her forehead and wouldn't allow her to sit up--until Tea threatened to punch him back! Footnote: Tea's fine. When Tea’ finally got off the floor she ac cording to source she threaten Carrey with having husband David Duchovny. By saying you don’t know what’s being punched in face is like until you are punched in the face by my husband.

I thought David Duchovny was a nice guy! Hello!

Talk about cleaning up your act! Renee Zellweger's ordeal with bully-boy co-star Russell Crowe reads like a page from "Bridget Jones's Diary"! Filming " The Cinderella Man" with The Intimidator, whose smelly breath and body odor literally made her ill, was like living on Barf City's borderline.Insider say Renee complained bitterly to pals:  "Russell is a very talented actor--but he's a real JERK!"
Renee should be thankfull, at least Crowe did not bite her ear off. Just ask the security guard "down under". According to reports, Crowe, in a brawl, bit the security guard's nose off!

Pamela Lee 
Believe It: Ripley's
Pam's Implants?
Washington Heads To Broadway

Oscar winner Denzel Washington will be adding a little Shakespeare to his distinguished resume. Starting in April of 2005, Denzel star as Brutus in the Broadway  production of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. preview performances begin in March.

Another One Bites The Dust

Aniston Files for Divorce From Pitt

 Hollywood power couple
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
are officially calling it quits after
4 1/2 years of marriage.

No Babies? No Brad?
No More!

Did sultry Angelina Joliunder" Brad Pitt's skin while they shot a movie together last year, in a sexless but too-tight relationship that "bothered" Jennifer Aniston?

Pals say: Yes!!